Xfinity Home Security Reviews

Xfinity home security is affordable and technologically advance and overall it provides you the peace of mind you’re searching for.

Today, everyone is in the home security business. Especially, since many home alarm systems are going wireless, using tablets and cellphones for monitoring. Also, it is easier to have all your services included in one bill. You don’t have to have cable or internet to get Xfinity home security.


Home alarm reviews of Xfinity have been mixed. While some folks enjoy the top-quality equipment, others have said that its customer service leaves much to be desired. As far as costs, they are right in the same ballpark as other wireless home security companies. 

You also have the choice of wireless with a touchscreen control panel, typical of others. The equipment comes with a warranty, and since it is part of a bigger company, its installers are more established than those from smaller home security businesses.

Xfinity home security, you only get three door/window sensors. We don’t know of any home that has only three doors or windows. If you want a motion sensor, you must know that it doesn’t cover all access points to your property, which makes it pointless. A few more glass breaking sensors would solve this issue quickly. 

What Customers Want to See Differently

Customers have complained about installation. On average, installation with Xfinity takes up to six hours, and you have to give the installer a four-hour window. Also, you must know that Xfinity is a part of Comcast. Comcast doesn’t have a good reputation, particularly when it comes to customer service. 

Moreover, Comcast is well-known for its service going out at a moment’s notice. On the other hand, Xfinity does now offer lock automation to go along with the thermostat and light control features. Xfinity is a good option. 

However, there are other home security companies that are better options, and they don’t require long contracts, deliver exceptional protection, and will save you money over time. If you plan on going with Xfinity for your home security, you should be prepared to pay more money than what you will pay for your basic package.