Top Indoor Dog Pen for Large Dogs (Part II)


Pet Trex Playpen with High Panels

Pet Trex Playpen with High Panels comes with eight panels just like the previous one. However, this playpen only comes in one size (30 inches high and 24 inches wide) which is a perfect size dog pen for large dogs.  You will love these sturdy satin-black coating protects the steel, reducing the chances of rusting. Also, to keep this playpen in place, you get ground anchors and corner stabilizers. Now, isn’t that sweet?

These dog pens for large dogs are easy to assemble yet sturdy enough to keep your furry love ones inside.

It also looks good inside or outside your home (yes, like the others, you can use this versatile dog playground in either area). The door panel features a secure double latch, and you can set this playground up for your doggie with a quickness. You know, your furry family member doesn’t like waiting for anything.

One of the great things about this playpen is that you can not only set it up in a variety of shapes, but it doubles as a dog gate. When we found this out, we were drooling, our dogs were drooling. We guarantee you’ll be drooling too.


Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pen for Large Dogs

Midwest constructs some really sweet playpens for dogs, and this one is no exception. Like the other dog playgrounds in our review, this pen for large dogs is easy to assemble as it doesn’t require tools.  It’s also a cinch to set up and take down, indoors or outdoors. If you don’t want to worry about storing a big, clunky playpen for your big dog, this beauty folds flat and takes up very little room.

To simply put it, this item is simple. The black E-coat finish promises to help this playpen lasts a long time. Ideal for large pets, it comes in several sizes, so if your furry amigo keeps growing, you can get a bigger size (or better yet, put that big boy or girl on a diet).