Stair Gates for Dogs (Part III)



Kidco Safeway Gate Top of Stairs Gates for Dogs 

One of the best stair gates for dogs is the Kidco Safeway Gate Top of Stairs. No disrespect, but this product looks cheap. And that’s just the thing: it isn’t. The price is around the same as the previous ones. If you just want a plain stairs gate for your dog, this one does the job.

These stair gates for dogs give you the reassurance that you’re dog will stay where you need them to.

Honestly, there isn’t much to it. Like the others, you can mount it on an angled surface, the gate door opens and closes with one hand, and the directional stop will not let it swing open over the stairs. Whether you want to keep that active and nosy dog of yours out of the kitchen (you know your dog knows which cabinet the dog treats are in), or any room upstairs, you can mount this gate anywhere. 

Since there is no guard at the bottom of this stair gate, you don’t have to worry about hitting the living daylights out of your feet. Well, that’s about all we can say about this one. Moving on…


North States Supergate Stairway Swing Gate

Lastly, we have the North States Supergate Stairway Swing Gate. Unlike the previous one, this one has a little more style to it. Its adjustable width is between 28” and 42”. The height is 30”. Let’s see that smart dog (or toddler) of yours try to get up the stairs now! Its effectiveness is what makes it one of the best stair gates for dogs. 

Just like the others, the gate opens and closes with one hand. You can open and close it with a safety latch. We don’t know about you and your household, but kids and dogs are smart. Especially, when they see you doing something like squeezing a latch to open a gate 

We are just saying that we aren’t too sure about that safety latch. Little people and doggies are resilient, and they will keep trying to squeeze (or hit the latch with a paw) until they get it open. When you aren’t using the gate, you can remove the mounting hardware.