Stair Gates for Dogs (Part II)


Safety 1st Top of Stairs Décor Swing Gate

This is one of the best stair gates for dogs. The Safety 1st Top of Stairs Décor Swing Gate to keep your pet out of areas you don’t want him or her to be in. This one also has an adjustable width (27” – 42”), and you can open it with one hand, thanks to a trusty lever.

These stair gates for dogs are way better than what they used to be.

Let’s say you want to keep your dog out of the living room because you just got the carpet cleaned. You can mount this gate easily in the doorway. This gate can swing in one direction for when you are using it on the stairwell. Or, it swings in both directions when you mount it in the doorway of any room. How cool is that? 


Regalo Top of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate

The Regalo Top of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate isn’t as decorative as the previous ones, but it does the trick. It is constructed with heavy-duty metal, and it is very sturdy. When your doggie is pissed off at you from keeping him or her confined to the first floor and decides to give the dog gate a good, hard push…nothing.

The adjustable width is between 26” – 42”. It is easy to mount and the hardware is guaranteed not to damage your wall. Another plus is there is no drilling involved. If it is laundry day, and you have a huge basket of clothing under your arm, you can open and close this gate with one hand. Making it one of the top stair gates for dogs and their humans too. 

The smooth glide technology guarantees you can get through the gate easy breezy. This gate might not look like much, but it will keep your furry friend in his or her place. That’s right. This is the gate to keep your furry house traveler in his or her lane.