No Bark Collar (Part II)

Dogstra YS300 No Bark Collar

Another great choice in no-bark collars is the Dogstra YS300. Just like the previous one, it is rechargeable (even boasts a two-hour quick charge), and it is specifically made for small to medium dogs (10 lbs. and up; neck size 9”-20”). So, if your pooch is a little on the “thick” side, this isn’t for you.

A no bark collar is a perfect training solution if your dog barks a little too much.

One feature that the Dogstra YS300 has that is pretty nice is bark recognition that distinguishes your dog’s bark from other noises. We know you don’t want your doggie getting a stimulation when you’re the one making noise. 

Another feature we know dog owners are going to love is the non-electrical stimulation that your dog gets prior to the electrical one. This basically tells your dog, “I wish you would start that mess!”

This no bark collar has six intensity levels (still not bad), and seven levels of correction. You never have to worry about how much energy is left in the battery with the LCD battery indicator. There was one last thing we wanted to mention….oh, yeah, it’s waterproof. 

PetSafe PBC00-12725 Elite Big Dog Bark Control

The PetSafe PBC-00-12725 has the bark recognition feature that the previous one has. However, it has 10 levels of stimulation, and nothing else. This is interesting, especially since we noticed that this no bark collar costs more than the previous two that have way more features. Go figure!

If you are the type that waits until your battery dies out before you recharge it, don’t fret my pet. This bad boy comes with a low battery indicator, as well as an LCD indicator that lets you know when your pet is receiving a correction stimulation. here’s not too much to this bark control collar. The design makes it easy to use. No flash or flair. 

This collar starts with low-level stimulation. As your doggie continues to bark, the stimulation will intensify until the barking stops. Once your doggie trains to stop all that excessive barking mess, the initial warning stimulation lessens. There is also a built-in shut-off safety mechanism (after 80 seconds, this collar goes bye-bye).