Bark Control Collars (Part III)

Elite Little Dog Bark Control by PetSafe 

Do you need bark control? These no bark collars can make a difference.

Before we even get started, the first thing to know about the Elite Little Dog Bark Control is, just like the name, it is made for dogs with neck sizes up to 16” and weigh between 8-55 lbs. Small and medium-size dogs only, folks. 

And this is the only thing that is little about this no bark collar. Like the products above, this collar has the ability to remember what stimulation will stop your dog from barking. Also, like the one above, it has the ability to separate regular noise from your dog’s bark, so your furry friend will not get stimulated in error. 

This collar boasts to using something called nanotechnology to makes it lightweight and small. It might be smaller and lighter, but it works basically the same way as the others. This one does shut off the stimulations for three minutes if your dog barking continuously for over a minute and 20 seconds. Nice to have, especially on those days your doggie is in a mood. 


Advanced Anti-Bark Dog Collar Training System by BarkSolution

Lastly, we have the Advanced Anti-Bark Dog Collar Training System by BarkSolution. Let’s start off by saying this is quite cheaper than the other ones in this review. And to be honest, it looks inexpensive. We’ll just leave it at that. 

Regardless of what we say, the no-bark dog collar says that it is the best in the industry to stop any excess dog barking. What we have read about it, it works the same way as the others. It has seven correction levels, the corrections intensify until the dog stops barking. Again, it remembers the level that your dog stop barking. 

Now, for y’all that have them big, burly animals you call “dogs” (but look like ponies, wolves, etc.), this is the collar for you. This item is created for dogs that weigh between 15-120 lbs. If you have a chihuahua, this isn’t the collar for you. Also, the Advanced Anti-Bark Dog Collar isn’t rechargeable. So, get your battery money together.